Shedding problems?

Making sure that your exotic animal is completely happy and satisfied you have to make sure that they are able to shed their skin without having any problems.  One of the biggest problems that you’ll find when it comes to an exotic animal shedding their skin is that they will not have the ability to stay healthy during this process.  You’ll know if your animal is about to shed its skin because its eyes will start getting cloudy and look like they’re sick.  The one thing that you have to pay close attention to when they are not able to shed their skin is to make sure that you got the right amount of humidity in their habitat.  This is one of the biggest reasons why many exotic animals do not shed their skin is because their owners do not monitor the humidity in their habitat at all times.

Monitoring the humidity in your habitat means that you’re going to have to get a humidity meter for the habitat of your exotic pet.  Understanding exactly what area is going to be comfortable for your exotic pet is one of the best ways to make sure that they’re going to be able to shed their skin without a problem.  You might have to monitor this every day and it is always best to keep your eye on the humidity level in any habitat that you are housing an exotic animal in to make sure that they’re going to be completely happy and healthy and being able to shed their skin.  If you start noticing that they are having problems this is maybe one of the indications that the humidity is either too high or too low so they will not be able to shed their skin properly.

Another thing that you will notice and that you do not want to do when you are thinking that your exotic pet is having trouble sharing a skin is you do not want to go in there and help them out.  This leads to more trouble than it’s worth because most of the time many of these exotic animals are very irritable during this stage.  You do not want to upset them or have them strike or but you just because you’re trying to help them out.  The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you constantly monitor the amount of humidity and make sure that their substrate is right for them.  The substrate will give them the course grit that they need to start shedding their skin without having any problems.  If you get the wrong substrate your exotic animal could it out also end up with a severe skin rash and actually might have to seek medical attention.  All this information can be found on the fact sheets located in your local exotic pet store or can be found online just by doing a little bit of research so you need to have all of the information before you decide to get an exotic pet.

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