It is interesting to know that less than 1% of roaches are considered pests.  Coaches are actually one of the easiest insects to raise whether you are raising them as feeder insects or as pets.  Many people enjoy the fact of which is king gets a large and that they are able to be kept together with a lot of other roaches.  They display a surprising array of different patterns and colors and it is unfortunate that they have the stigma that they have in western society.  This is because many of the pest species of cockroaches have given the entire species a bad name as most are fairly clean and safe to keep for what ever reason.  Roaches, in basically three different sizes with the youngest being called nymphs older cockroaches are referred to as adults and those that are in between are referred to as sub adults.  The cockroach grows by simply shedding their skin and continue to do so until they become adults.  There are many adult roaches that have wings however there are also species of roaches that are wingess.  Coaches will be classified into two different categories one being climbers and the other being non climbers.

While there are very few species of cockroaches that are capable of truly interesting homes, nearly all of them are an escape artist.  With this in mind the matter for what reason you are keeping cockroaches you need to make sure that you keep them in the habitat that they cannot escape from.  You’ll find that oates’s will often clustered together even if they’re given a large habitat to live in.  It is preferable that you’re cockroach habitat be wider than it is tall.  While many coaches will enjoy climbing on branches or bark that is put in their habitat during most of the daylight hours they prefer hiding.  If you have decided to raise roaches that are climbers you may want to create a 2 inch layer of petroleum jelly around the upper area of their habitat which can help keep your roaches inside their habitat.

Keeping them in a 10 gallon aquarium seems to be the standard them most keepers are familiar with.  You are going to find that up to 30 large adult roaches can comfortably live inside the habitat of this size as long as they’re given ample things to climb on and over.  The Madagascar hissing cockroach is one of the most popular of all cockroaches to be kept either as a pet are as a feeder insects due to the fact that they are one of the largest species of cockroaches that you can raise.  You want to make sure that you’re feeding your cockroaches regularly so that they are not going to start nibbling on each other.  You’ll find that some of the species are more prone to be doing this than others.  Many people when they are breeding feeder roaches in large numbers they do so in a plastic bin that is transparent so it is easy to see one food and water is getting low.  Others use plastic buckets as they are hard to escape from by the cockroaches. As far as substrate goal is you should use something like coconut fiber as it retains moisture for long periods of time and also stops that growth of mold.

You need to make sure that you’re providing your cockroaches with fresh air in their habitat so that you’re not promoting the growth of molds or even insects that can infest your roach habitats and damage the roaches that are inside.  Ventilation is easy to achieve as all you need to do is poker fuels in your container and there you go.  Humidity is also important for any cockroaches that you’re keeping boat just need to be able to drink water and the knee and at least a little bit of environmental humidity in order to be able to properly shed their skin.  The great news is that roaches generally have less problems in shedding their skin that other bugs.  Water is generally offer to cockroaches in two methods one being the small shallow water dish as a deep dish may result in drowned bugs.  You could also just pour water into the corner of the habitat every few days are so.

Keeping your habitat at room temperature is just fine when you’re raising feeder insects or keeping roaches as pets however you’ll find that many adults in this species require the temperature to be at or above 80° F in order to properly reproduce.  Making sure that you’re keeping them in a warmer temperatures with a good Food Supply means that they will grow faster if you keep them in cooler temperatures the results will mean that they will grow much more slowly.

One of the biggest things that is great about keeping cockroaches as feeder insects or as pets is that they eat almost anything.  They are on the wars so you can feed them anything from fruit to vegetables to grains and read.  Feeding them dry pet food is also preferred by many as is is able to provide the roaches with a great amount of protein and other help the nutrients for proper barrel which make them excellent feeder insects.

When you are keeping roaches as feeder insects you want to make sure that you’re providing proper hygiene so that you’ll make sure that everything is kept as clean as possible when you are dealing with anything inside your of roaches habitat.  You can save yourself a great deal of money by raising your own roaches as feeder insects or your exotic pet.

It is very important to make sure that you are following proper procedures when you’re raising proach is especially when you are raising them as feeder insects as you want to make sure that you create the most nutritious insects that you can for your exotic pet.  This is why it is important to do things like feed them nutritious food so that your exotic pet does able to get the most nutrition out of eating them.


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