Red Foot Tortoise

Finding yourself a reptile as a pet can be very challenging because you need to make sure that you get the right pet for your terrarium.  In order to plan to get the perfect pet for you then you need to have all of the information.  A red foot tortoise might be your best bet as far as a pet because it offers a great deal as a pet.  Here is a little bit more information on the red foot tortoise to make sure you have all of the information possible so you need know how to properly care for your new found pet.

The good thing about species is that is usually around 12 to 18 inches long as adults but it is very rare to see them over 14 inches long.  If you’re looking for a small pet that is going to pretty much match anything that you put it in then this is the perfect pet for you.  You also have to consider this is one of them more popular pets because they will often outlive their owner.  If you’re looking for a pet that is going to stay around for a long time than you should look into getting a red foot tortoise.

Medical Care

Checkups are very important when it comes to this type of tortoise because most of them are usually caught from wild or are farm raised.  Most of the time people and not take their pets in to get a checkup of before you purchase is tortoise you can always have the pet store complete their physical to make sure that you’re getting a healthy specimen.  You do not want to take one that is looking weak or can’t even hold up its own head because that means that it is sick and they did not take the time to give it a proper checkup.

Most of time these turtles live for a long time all the wild but you do not know exactly what is going on when they arrive at the pets start because many pet stores do not carry them because of their exotic breed.  There are many things that go along with trying to take care of a tortoise like this they you have to be careful so that you do not bring disease or other known illnesses into your house that go along with the tortoise.


When it comes to feeding your new acquired pet you need to know everything that they can eat that will actually help them out to live a longer and healthier life.  Many people decide to feed them whenever it is that they can find and find that their red foot tortoise ends up dying after a few years.  They have a specific diet that they need to need to make sure that they’re get knowledge nutrients and minerals that they need to live a healthy life.  Here are some of foods that they will be on an everyday basis that will give you a good starting point if you’re just starting out with your new red footer tortoise.

When it comes to their food it can be broken down into four food groups.  The first one is greens.  As the title implies when you’re feeding your red footed tortoise greens it can include anything from turnip greens, kale, red and green leaf lettuce and dandelions.  Basically anything green that you need to me careful on what you feed them and how much because you do not want to leave on eat food in the habitat with them.  Left over food must be taken out right away so that it does not start the decaying process or start harvesting illnesses that will get your tortoise sick.

Another category that you have to pay close attention to is the fruits that you feed them.  Good fruits such as papaya, mangoes, apples and other cactus fruits are very good for a red foot tortoise.  Just make sure that you keep on rotating your food and do not leave anything in there that they do not eat.

Another category when it comes to feeding your red foot tortoise is vegetables.  This gives your tortoise a wide range of vitamins and minerals that they cannot get from the other two categories.  Some of the vegetables include all types of squash, carrots and every once in awhile some green beans.

The last category is one that does not come up very much because you can only feed your red foot tortoise this once a month.  This category includes proteins that they get from animals.  Every month you have to feed your red foot tortoise some type of meat product such as shrimp or chicken so that they get the protein that they need.  This is very important and has to be on a regular schedule.

Watering your red foot tortoise is a very important job because they have to maintain water at all times are at least have access to it.  They need to have water at all times and a container big enough so that they can wade in the pool.  You also want to make sure that they have access to mud because they love playing in it.


When it comes to heating the area that your tortoises are going to be living in you need to have something that is going to be able to have a flexible temperature.  You also need to have a container that is going to be big enough to house these temperatures so that the turtle can stay plenty warm.  During the day one area of the playground that you’re tortoises will be living in should be around 90° Fahrenheit as far as the other and should be around the mid seventies.  This will give your tortoise a very comfortable area to play in and will make sure that they are warm enough to survive.  This is for the inside housing during the colder months because you need to make sure that they’re going to be able to stay warm when the weather gets cold.

As a weather starts to warm up you want to make sure that they have a large area to play outside as soon as the weather starts warming up.  When we get warm days into the mid nineties it is okay to let your tortoise outside to play.  Just make sure that they have a place to go where they can constantly have water and they should be fine all day long.

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