Milk Frog

Getting an exotic pet is one of the things that you have to seriously consider because they take a lot more time than normal pets.  When you’re considering having an exotic pet in your home you need to understand that is going to take a lot more time because there’s a lot more energy that has to be put out by you to make sure that they’re going to be healthy and their new surroundings.  The best thing that you can do before you decide to get an exotic pet like a milk frog is to make sure that you have all of the information that goes along withe the exotic animal and so that way and nothing comes to dual you as a surprise.


The first thing than you need to do and consider when you are thinking about getting a milk frog is make sure that you get a fact sheet to understand exactly what you need to do and what food you need to feed them to make sure that you’re not frog is going to be completely happy and healthy.  You can find this any local pet shop and you need to know a little bit more about characteristics and physical features of this frog.  The color of the skin is somewhat of a black and white banded pattern across its whole body.  The one thing that you do have to pay close attention to is that this frog is becoming more available as time goes by but you do have to pay attention because the milk fraud gets its name by sick reading white milky toxins from its body when it’s either in stress or if it thinks a predators after it.


This frog normally ranges around 3 inches long bout with the male being slightly smaller you might be able to fit a couple of frogs in their habitat.  In captivity under the right conditions one of these frogs can live up to 20 plus years so you have to make sure that it is a commitment that you have stayed on your part to make sure that your frog is going to be completely healthy for the duration that you have it.


The habitat


When it comes to purchasing or building a habitat there are many things that you can use.  Constructing your own habitat out of the materials that you have lying around your house may be one of the best things that you can do.  You need to make sure that your habitat ranges anywhere in the temperature of 74° F up to 70° F with a constant humidity around 65 to 70%.  The one nice thing about these frogs is that they are not very picky when it comes to their habitat but a standard 20 gallon tank will be suitable enough for 2 to 3 frogs.  When you are thinking about building a habitat for any exotic frog you want to think that they’re going to have to be able to get into water to keep their skin moist.  A small water feature when you’re building a habitat is not always the best option but it is very recommended for this type of frog.  You need to make sure that the substrate does not collect a lot of water if you have a water feature set up for these frogs because you need to make sure that the water is going to be draining back to the feature.


The diet


The diet of the milk frog consists of small insects, meal worms wax worms and other suitable foods.  The only thing about the diet of the milk frog is that you have to worry about rotating the food because it cannot meet the same things at day after day.  You want to keep a constant supply of crickets that you can rotate in with mealworms and other wax worms to make sure that they’re getting enough nutrients when they are in captivity.  Most stores and exotic pet stores will carry everything that you need to set up your own supply so you do not have to keep on paying for their food.  You also do not want to feed them anything or any insect that is high in fats because it can actually hurt them.  As with most amphibians you need a supplement to DOS their food with to make sure that they’re getting the right vitamins and nutritional requirements that they need to survive.


Habitat cleanliness


Cents they can live in a 20 gallon aquarium you need to make sure that you wash everything out and change as substrate every time you clean the tank.  If you have a water feature in the tank to help balance out the humidity you need to make take that out and clean it with a 3% bleach solution every week to make sure that there is no feces in the water supply.  You need to make sure that you wash everything all with a 3% bleach solution to ensure that your milk frogs are going to be happy and healthy and their habitat.  Before you start putting the frogs back into their habitat you need to make sure that there is no bleach smell coming out of the aquarium that you’re using.  Take the extra time to completely rents out the aquarium and you should have no problems when you’re putting your nose frogs back into their habitat.




Exotic animals are known to carry very infectious diseases that everybody needs to be aware of.  Before you start handling your milk frog you need to be able to know the safety precautions so you do not and spread infectious diseases to you or your family.  Always keep a box of latex gloves around when you’re cleaning the habitat so that you know you’re not spreading any infectious diseases and make sure that you are the only one that touches your frogs.  You do not need anybody getting sick with your exotic pet so make sure you were the only one that has access to your habitat when you are housing exotic pets in your home.


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