Grasshoppers are often sometimes called locusts.  There are many species with the most famous of the mall being the desert grasshopper that occur in the bible as one of the seven plagues.  There are two forms of desert grasshoppers that can meet about 7 cm in length.  The female locusts will lay eggs in small clusters generally on the ground however they can also be deposited into plant material.  Young locusts are often called nymphs and left wings as only adult locusts have fully functional wings.  Younger will casts often look like miniature versions of adults.  The younger locusts will molt several times in the process of becoming an adult and at the last time that they molt both the females and the Males will grow long wings that pass their abdomen.

When it comes to time to the eggs to hatch it will take between 2 to 3 weeks and around for weeks for the nymphs to fully reach adulthood.  Then about two weeks after they fully beach adults once they begin to mates in order to produce more eggs.  It is important to know that if the weather cools down you’ll find that their breeding of locusts will slow down as well and most locust will die of old age when they reach that period of being an adult for at least five months.

Housing locusts are actually fairly easy all you need to do is have a container that is big enough to provide some ventilation and can be closed optimally to prevent any of your locusts from escaping.  Locusts will be able to chew through fabric so net cages may not be the proper habitat to keep your locusts in.  If you are planning to keep your of locusts for food for reptiles and other exotic pets you want to make sure that the habitat that you keep them in is quite practical so you will likely go with something light weight and cheaper than if you are to be keeping locusts as pets.  As far as substrate goal is you want to fill the container with dry say and or dry oatmeal flakes or even dried coconut fibers.  You also will want to provide some dry sticks or branches in their habitat to make sure that the locusts have surfaces to sit on you also want to make sure that plenty of light reaches into the container either by like  bulb for the natural light just be sure to keep in mind that direct sunlight shining into the enclosure can make the habitat too hot so you want to make sure to prevent it from overheating.

You’ll find that there are several different locus species that all live in different environments for example desert species of locusts are going to need dry and warm environments to thrive.  Making sure that the environment is too humid could very well result in your locusts dying.  You also want to keep in mind that if the habitat is two fold it could make breeding locusts impossible.


Locusts only eat plant material with the best thing that you can give them is fresh grass.  Other vegetable plants may also be eaten however you want to make sure that you’re feeding them any kind of grass like species that you can find.  Be sure that you’re not feeding your locust in the grass or other plant material that has been sprayed with insecticide as that can become deadly to your locust.  Once you place food inside of your locusts habitat they will start to eat immediately.  At some point the grass material or other plant material that you feed them will become too dry for your locus to consume so you want to make sure you replace their food with fresh food.  Every once in awhile you should make sure that you are clearing out your of locusts habitat of the dry plant material that they’re eating and replace it with fresh material like grass.

When you’re looking to breed locusts as feeder insects is very simple process to do as long as you have done enough research.  Basically all that they need is a high temperature low humidity habitat that has plenty of fresh food.  If you have male and female locusts together breeding will happen naturally.  While you do not have to move any of the eggs or younger locusts you can move that to a different enclosure then the parents so that you a better be able to cater to their needs and prevent any of them from escaping from their habitat.  If you are able to keep your locusts well you’ll end up having quite a few of them which will make it very easy to be able to have plenty of feeder insects for your lizard or other exotic pet.

It is highly important when you’re doing anything involving your locusts or doing anything with your lizard or exotic pet that you follow proper hygiene precautions to make sure that you’re keeping everything is clean as possible when you’re dealing with anything that has to do with your locusts, lizard or other exotic pet or anything that has to do with their habitats.  This is because you want to make sure that you’re not spreading any infectious diseases within your household and you’re making sure that not only your  lizard or other exotic pets and your locusts are kept safe from disease.

It is important to do plenty of research when it comes to raising locusts as pets or is feeder insects as you want to make sure you’re doing everything that you possibly can to properly take care of them.  When you are feeding them tool your lizard or other exotic pet you need to make sure that you are dusting them with calcium supplements every other day using a multi vitamin supplement 1 to 3 times per week.  You also want to make sure that you’re feeding your locusts the best possible food as you want to make sure that your lizard or other exotic pet is going to be able to get as many nutrients as possible out of eating the locusts that you’re feeding them.


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