Horn Worms

Raising exotic pets can be very devastating if you do not know exactly what to feed them or do not have an understanding of what you need to do to make sure that they’re getting the proper nutrients.  Trying to find different things to feed them and is very difficult but with the right information you’ll be able to find everything that you’re looking for for your exotic pet.  Horned worms are one of the super foods that you can feed to any exotic animal that will give them the right nutrients and minerals that they need to grow healthy and strong.  When you’re dealing withe horned worms there are quite a few things that you have to realize to make sure that you’re feeding your pet exactly what they need.

You need to be careful on which horned worms you feed your exotic pet because some of them can be carrying diseases if you pick them from outside by your yard.  The one thing that you want to realize is that you never want to feed your exotic pet any type of insect that you pick buyer house because you do not know exactly what this worm has got into.  You never want to feed any type of insect or any other worm that you find to your exotic pet because you do not know what type of diseases they might carry or what potential harm they could do to any exotic pet.  To avoid this you want to make sure that you only have raised horned worms that you get from a reputable breeder or from the exotic pot store where you have purchased your exotic pet from.


Another great thing about having a horned worm is that you’ll be able to make sure that your exotic pet stays fully hydrated at all times.  These worms are very high in water content making out most of the nutritional value in these worms but you also want to be very careful on how much or how many worms you feed your exotic pet because they can actually get an overabundance of nutrients causing health concerns.  You always want to monitor how many form worms you’re feeding your exotic pet to make sure their diet is regulated at all times.


Horned worms are also very high in calcium which makes it to a very excellent source of calcium for your exotic pet.  You also want to think about the fat content and how much fat your exotic pet is eating.  The great thing about having or feeding your exotic pet horned worms is that they will be able to get the calcium that they need but not a lot of fat.  They are very low in fat content so you do not have to worry about too much fat getting into your exotic pet system or getting them obese but you still have to monitor how much you feed your exotic pet to give them a well balanced diet so they can maintain the healthy and active lifestyle they’re used to.


The one thing about the horned worm is that they can grow up to 4 inches long.  This is something that you want to monitor to make sure that your exotic pet does not eat a complete horned worm because they actually might choke on the contents that they are trying to eat.  If you have two you want to make sure that you caught up your exotic pets food to make sure that they can fit in their throat without causing them any choking hazards.  Being that these worms get to be about 4 inches long you might wanna consider feeding them to your exotic pet when they are younger and not as long if you’re thinking about saving your exotic pet from the struggle of trying eat and adult horned worm.


The great thing about raising the horned worms or getting them from the exotic pet store is that you can actually raise them on your own.  Doing a little bit of research on these worms will give you all the food that you need when it comes to feeding your exotic pet.  If you are looking to save a little bit of money on how much you’re feeding your pet and on the exotic pet food that you’re purchasing then this is one of the best ways to make sure that they’re getting the nutrients that they need and save a little bit of money in the process.  Having all of the information about how to raise your horned worms means that you’re going to be able to raise your horn worms to the point where you know that they’re going to have all of the nutrients and minerals that your exotic pet needs without the harmful diseases that might be spread.


When you are thinking about raising your exotic pets food from home you need to consider their habitat and where your horned worms are going to be growing.  You need to allow fresh air into the habitat where you’re growing them at all times otherwise your worms are not going to be able to reach their full potential and give your exotic pet the nutrients that they need. Maintaining proper air flow could be as easy as raising them in a cardboard box or maintaining an aquarium with a lid off.  The nice thing than you’d don’t have to worry about when you’re raising form worms is that they do not have a tendency of climbing a glass.  Having a 10 gallon aquarium to raise them in might be the easiest thing to do plus you have constant access because you can leave the lid off.


You also want to make sure that you keep your worms at room temperature at all times.  If you happen to freeze your worms because you have an overabundance of them it might be time to sell them to the pet store.  Not only will you be raising worms for your exotic pet but you can also make a profit to start paying for some of the other things that you might want to trade your local exotic pet store to make sure that you have the supplies that you need for your exotic pet.  This is one of the greatest ways to save a little bit of money and contribute back to the pet store that sold you your exotic pet.



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