Foods for Your Tokay Gecko

Any kind of gecko will make a fascinating pet this includes the Tokay gecko with their interesting coloration.  This species of gecko has a very sensitive sense of smell as well as taste.  They enjoy eating all kinds insects especially live ones.  The diet that to give them plays a huge part in their overall health this is why you need to give their diet special attention when you’re looking to feed your Tokay gecko.  The following are several very nutritious insects that you can feed your gecko.

Crickets are without a doubt one of the most nutrients rich foods that you can feed your Tokay gecko.  And the great news is that they are highly accessible you can buy them in almost any pet store you see.   They are full of protein and lots of these vitamins and should be considered a staple food for most gecko owner.

Though many humans do not like handling them worms are considered an excellent source of nourishment for your gecko.  You should be made aware though that wax worms are very high in fat and should only be given to your gecko on special occasions.  Meal worms are extremely rich in dietary fats and valuable proteins and are greatly needed by a gecko recovering from illness as they are able to easily recovered their lost energy and gain some weight.  You just want to be careful not to over feed them with words that are high in fat as you don’t wanna have an overweight gecko.

Beetles are another insect that you should consider eating your Tokay gecko.  When they are in their natural habitat this type of gecko will often eat small insects this includes many types of beetles.  The only problem with eating your pet gecko this type of insects is that they can be hard to find compared to things like wax worms and crickets.

Grasshoppers can be found in your own backyard however if you choose to feed them to your Tokay gecko you need to make sure that they are small enough to be eaten.  A good rule of thumb to follow when you are thinking about what size been set to feed your Tokay gecko is that you want to be sure that the insect is no more than half the size of their head.

Spiders are another insect that is very rich and dietary fats and proteins.  So if you’re looking to get rid of a spider in your house consider feeding into your gecko.


You want to make sure that you learn all that you can about the  Tokay gecko and their dietary needs. This will play a huge part in whether or not your gecko leads a long and healthy life. Make use of all of the books, internet and other publications that you can find on the topic of Tokay geckos.  The better educated you are when it comes to your  Tokay gecko the better the life that you are going to be able to provide for them.

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