Feeding Your Leopard Gecko

If you’re thinking of getting a leopard gecko as a pet did wondering just what exactly you’re going to feed them you need to keep in mind that they eat insects like crickets and wax worms.  Depending on how old of a gecko you’re getting when you purchase your pet it will depend on how often you should feed them.  A baby gecko should be fed every day while an adult gecko can be fed every other day.  Some other interesting insects that you can feed your leopard gecko include silkworms and super worms you need to be careful when feeding them wax worms as they’re very high in fats and can cause health problems for your leopard gecko. Here are some other things to keep in mind.

Knowing how much to feed your gecko is just as important as what to feed them.  You should only be giving them enough food for them to eat and one feeding.  So if you give your gecko six crickets and within 15 minutes they do not eat all six the next time try only three crickets and keep on testing this until you are able to feed them a good amount in 15 minutes time. You need to be patient as it might take some time to come up with the right amount.

You should never leave any insects that are not even in the tank this can cause your leopard gecko to become very stressed.  Hungary insects like crickets have been known to nibble on leopard geckos if their left in the  tank with each other.  You want to take out anything that you cook it doesn’t eat after 15 minutes and then 24 hours later you can offer them food again. This way the leopard gecko is not becoming stressed at insects being left in their habitat with them.

This is offering them insects you can also offer them things like fruits and vegetables prior to giving them their insects.  You’ll also see that there are commercial type foods for crickets than meal worms that you can feed them before you offer them to your gecko.  Another very important thing to remember is that you make sure that any food that you see in to your leopard gecko is dusted with calcium powder everyday and is being dusted with a multi vitamin every other day that way your leopard gecko is getting all the vitamins and nutrients that they need.

You also need to make sure that you’re doing some research into what is the optimal temperature to keep your leopard geckos habitat at.  You need to make sure you’re keeping it at the proper temperature as that helps to aid in digestion and if it is not at the proper temperature in your leopard gecko can have trouble digesting the foods that they’re being fed.  So be sure to do plenty of research as to what temperatures that you are to keep your gecko habitat at for optimal digestion purposes.




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