Feeding a Day Gecko

Having a gecko that is more active in the daytime is becoming more and more popular for people that are looking to keep this kind of lizzard as a pet.  There are many in Friday’s a very colorful geckos that are active during the day and since most of them are fairly small in size they make for great pets.  Once you have decided to keep a gecko as a pet you need to make sure that they’re being fed the proper diet so they are not being exposed to a seriously life threatening diseases such as metabolic bone disease.

So what exactly do day geckos eat?  Most geckos in the wild are omnivorous mean that they will not only eat insects but they will eat things like flowers and overripe fruit.  They’re really no different in captivity.  When you’re looking to get feed your insects you need to make sure that you’re getting the best possible quality insects.  Crickets are definitely the best possible choices they are very commonly found in pet stores.  However you should make sure that you vary their diet to include things like fruit flies and wax worms however since wax worms are very high in fat they should only be given on special occasions.  Make sure when you’re feeding your day gecko crickets that you never feed them one that is larger than their head.

Geckos that are more active in the day tend to have a really large liking for fruits so a sweet right piece of fruit makes up a very important part of their diet.  You can even provide them with fruit flavor baby food as a list of ingredients should only contain only fruit as natural fillers like rice are not natural for the gecko to eat.  Or else you can provide them with fruits like white peaches or mangoes.  You can also mash of bananas for them to eat.  Just make sure that you’re not only dating them fruit but insects as well as you do not want to have your gecko suffer from malnutrition.

It is important when you’re getting ready to feed your gecko insects that they’re gut loaded which means that they have been fed before they are fed to your gecko.  It is also extremely important to sprinkle them with a calcium supplement every time that you feed them and a multi vitamin supplement one or two times a week.  The only exception would be phoenix worms as they are naturally high in calcium.  You should also be a adding a vitamin D3 as it impossible to provide them with that intensity of UVB light that a gecko that is more active in the day requires.


These are all important things to take into consideration when it comes to feeding your day gecko so that it does not suffer from malnutrition or worse some type of fatal disease. You need to research all that you can about a proper diet for not only your day gecko but the insects that you are feeding them so that you can be certain that you have fed them the most nutritious foods that you can.

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