Crocodile Monitor

Getting an exotic pet is something that you are really going to have to consider because they take a lot more work than you think.  Many people decide to go with an exotic pet because they realize that they do not have to put that much work into a but on the flip side there’s a lot more work that has to go into having an exotic pet because you got to make sure that their cages are completely cleaned at all times and your contstant monitoring of the temperatures and humidity in their pen.  If you think an exotic pet is going to be right for you then you need to make a serious commitment.  You need to make sure that you’re going to have the time and put in the effort to make sure that your exotic pet is going to be happy and healthy.

The crocodile monitor is one of the most exotic species that you’ll find and can grow up to 12 feet long.  When you’re constructing a habitat you have to take this into consideration because they can grow quite long  and can live for over 15 years.  If you decide to get this type of monitor for a pet you are going to have to make a serious commitment because they can outlive most other animals that you can choose as a pet.  The one nice thing about having a crocodile monitor is that its tail makes up 2/3 its body.  In a few years the crocodile monitor will reach its full potential if it is fed right and kept in the right habitat.

The Habitat

When it comes to the habitat you want to make sure that there’s enough space to house your monitor so that they have plenty of room to climb on many different things as well as places to get out of vision or hide  They like to have a wide variety of different things in their habitat and plenty of apparatus is to make sure that they need have plenty of exercise.  You want to make sure that you utilize all of this based in the aquarium or habitat so you want to use cork boards on the sides to give them more climbing areas in the habitat.

You want to make sure that their habitat is completely clean and have fresh water everyday.  You will actually have to take up their water dish to clean it because they have a tendency of pushing debris and feces in their water dish.  This is a necessity for anyone that is doing or having a monitor because you have to have clean, chlorine free drinking water at all times.

When you’re constructing a habitat there substrate is going to be very easy because all you have to do is go outside and scoop up dirt.  You can use mulch, gravel and peat moss but what they really like is the natural dirt that you can get right in your backyard.  When it comes to the heating you need to make sure that you have a place where they can bask in the sun that is at least 110°Fahrenheit.  The lowest you’ll be able to let your habitat go is in the low seventies and that is at night.

The diet

Crocodile monitors have a wide variety of different food they like to eat.  These monitors like to eat a wide variety of different things such as birds, quail, fish and other seafood that they might find.  These monitors are not very picky because they will eat  shelled eggs which is actually a delicacy but they have to be hard boiled if you’re going to feed them in captivity.  Since they have a wide variety of different foods they liked eat it is always best to mix up the food.  Make sure that they’re getting a well balanced diet and nothing that is too fatty otherwise you can have an obese monitor.  You want to make sure that they have a well balanced diet to get all of the vitamins and nutrients that they need to live a happy and healthy life in their new habitat that you have constructed.

Cleaning the habitat

When you are cleaning your habitat you want to make sure that you use a 3% bleach solution.  You never want to reuse the substrate that is in the bottom of the tank because it can carry infectious diseases.  Get rid of it and never reuse it always use brand new substrate when you are cleaning the tank for your monitor.  The substrate that you use is normal earth so it is very up bonded and you should have no problems finding plenty of substrate to use.

When you’re putting the habitat back together you want to make sure that you do not smell any type of bleach on the materials that you’re putting back into the habitat.  Completely rents them off of side to make sure the bleach smell is gone.  If there’s any bleach smell left on the materials that you are using to reconstruct your habitat you could actually get your monitor deathly sick.

Safety and handling

The one thing that you have pay close attention to is there on eyes.  Their eyes are one of the most part and things that will tell you if your lizard is going to be happy and healthy or if there’s something wrong.  Their eyes of the gateway into their soul and will ultimately tell you if they need to go to the veterinarian to get checked up or if they’re shedding.  Their eyes will be completely cloudy if they are shedding their skin or if they’re sick.  You want to pay close attention to if they’re shedding their skin if not you’ll have to take them to the vet find out if there is something is wrong.

When it comes to handling your monitor you want to be the only one that picks them up.  Make sure that you have a set of latex gloves next to the habitat because they are known to spread infectious diseases.  Just take the safety precautions necessary to make sure that you your family and your monitor are going to be completely safe and do not get sick.

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