Crickets are very interesting insects that many people often compare to grasshoppers due to their similar body structure.  They are however more likely to be more closely related to Katydids or bush crickets.  It is interesting to know that there are over  900 different species of crickets.  The cricket has a somewhat flat and body and very long antennae.  This particular type of insect is nocturnal which means that they’re more active at night.  Crickets are in no way harmful to human beings.

One of the most commonly known characteristics of the cricket is there chirping.  Now and generally only is the Males will take part in chirping however some of the females will also do this as well.  It is an extremely popular myth that a cricket will chirp simply by rubbing it legs together.  There are actually for different types of song that the crickets will make all that have something to do with the mating process.  The crickets will chirp that different crates depending on what kind of species they happen to be and what temperature of environment they happen to be living in. Crickets like any other insects are cold-blooded which means they will take on the temperature of their surroundings.  This means the rate of their chirping will depend on what kind of temperature that they’re living.

Crickets are omnivorous and are scavengers who will feed an organic material such as decaying plant material or even seedling plants.  Crickets will even eat their own dead when there’s no other source of food available to them and will even exhibit a predatory behavior upon crickets that our weakened or crippled.  A cricket will mates in the late summer and lay their eggs in fall.  The eggs will hatch sometime in the spring and there have been estimates as high as 200 per fertile female.  Most female crickets are capable of laying eggs and least twice per month.

There is much folklore and mythology that surrounds the cricket.  For example the singing of crickets in Brazil is often seen to be a sign of impending rain or a financial windfall.  Other mythology following the cricket in Brazil include a black cricket is a room suggesting illness, a gray cricket suggesting money in a green cricket suggested hope.  A mole cricket has been said to be able to predict rain when it is digging in the ground.  In many countries crickets are very popular pets and are said to be good luck in many countries.  There are also cricket fighting as a sports betting pastime that occurs in China, Southeast Asia and Mexico.

All find that there are many species of crickets that are used in people’s diets in many countries with many being considered high cuisine with many people wanting to eat this delicacy.  The country has such as Thailand and Vietnam the cricket is commonly consumed as a snack.  It is generally prepared by deep frying in oil.

The cricket is an extremely popular choice of a live food source for many carnivorous pet such as lizards, spiders, and salamander.  Making sure that you’re feeding crickets nutritious food to order to be able to pass the nutrition onto the animals that are going to eat them is a process known as gut loading.  In addition to gut loading the cricket is often dusted with mineral supplements like calcium and multi vitamins in order to make sure that your pet is getting the proper nutrition.

There are many things that you want to keep into consideration when you’re looking to feed crickets to your pet.  For example you want to make sure that you’re only feeding your pet what they can consume within 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes has passed you want to make sure that you are removing in crickets that are left in the habitat of your pet because if you leave any of that crickets in your pets habitat when they’re done eating they could end up seriously irritating your resting pets as they will attack them.

You’ll find that crickets are one of the most popular insects to feed your exotic pet.  You’ll find that there are many pet stores that will have crickets and stock for you to be able to feed your pet with or you may find that you’ll want to raise crickets on your own to feed your exotic animal.  It is important that you make sure to properly feed your pet the crickets so that you are making sure that your pet is getting enough nutrition from the food that you’re feeding them.

Crickets are definitely one of the most popular choices when you are looking for insects to feed your exotic pet.  You just need to make sure that you are not only following proper feeding procedures when you’re feeding your exotic pet that you are taking the proper measures to make sure that your pet is getting the proper amount of nutrients from your crickets that you’re feeding them.

It is extremely important when you are feeding your exotic pet crickets that you keep in mind the proper hygiene procedures to make sure that both you and your pet are safe as possible.  You want to make sure that you wash your hands before and after handling anything that you were going into your exotic pets habitat including feeding them crickets.  This way you will make sure that both you and your exotic pet are as healthy as it possibly can be by maintaining proper hygiene.

When you’re looking to see their exotic pet crickets you want to make sure that you are not only gut loading them but that you’re using a calcium supplement every week when you’re feeding your exotic pet crickets and that you’re using a multi vitamin every other week when you feed your exotic pet crickets.  This way you’ll make sure that your exotic pet is getting the best possible nutrients that they can from the crickets that you’re feeding them.


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