Colombian Red Tailed Boa

Colombian red tailed boas are becoming more popular as a pet.  Even though you think that a snake is one of the best things that you can get because it does not take up a lot of space, you have got to think of everything that it entails.  There’s a lot more things you have to do with snake to make sure that they’re going to be completely happy with in their habitat because they do not like get out to roam around a lot.  This is one thing that you have to pay close attention to before you decide to get a reptile for a household pet but here is some information that you’ll need to know if you are seriously considering getting a red tailed boa for a pet in your home.


This snake can ultimately get up to 10 feet long and with the proper care can live over 15 years so that means you’re going to have to make a commitment for at least 10 years when you’re thing about getting this type of snake.  There are not many pets that can live that long so every time that you are entering in to getting a reptile for a pet you have to consider the long-term life expectancy of your pet.


Feeding is not that big a deal because you can get frozen rodents to keep in your fridge or freezer.  Before you start feeding your snake you want to make sure that its meal is completely thawed and sitting at room temperature.  You also freed your snake in a separate tank other than your habitat that you have built for it.  You do not want to confuse the two because your snake does not comprehend your hand or the habitat when it is feeding which means the snake could strike.


With getting any type of reptile you want to make sure that the housing is adequate.  Depending on the size of the snake you want to make sure that they have plenty of room for normal behavior as well as exercise.  Making sure that there are some things in the tank itself so that they can rub against when they are shedding their skin is always a plus.  You also have to provide a holding or hiding area for the sake big enough for them to fit in and something to climb on so they feel right at home.  This is something that is of necessity in any type of snake habitat because they normally climb in their natural environment.  Also they need a place to hide to get away from everything just in case they feel stressed out and just want to get away and hide.

The temperature of the tank is also very important because you need to keep it around 95° F at one end.  This will simulate that it is daylight out and the snake will be more active at this end of the tank.  You do have to remember that snakes are cold-blooded and will be more active pending on the temperature of their environment.  This is why it is very important to keep one end of the tank and 95° F and the other and at around 75° F so they have a wide variety of temperatures so they can find their perfect comfortable spot.

Lighting is also very important because snakes use a photo period cycle.  This is when they are more active during the daylight and can sense the normal daylight hours.  If you are trying to build a snake habitat you want to make sure that you have a light source that you can turn off and on but not leaving on for more than 12 hours a day.  If you are looking to viewing your snake at night you want to use either a black light or infrared light so that way you do not bother them during the time that they  might be sleeping.

Believe it or not, snakes like water.  When you’re building your housing for your red tailed boa you need to make sure that there is an area where the snake can soak.  Having fresh water constantly on an everyday basis is very good because they like to sit in the water.  Make sure the water is chlorine free and large enough for the snake to completely sit in.

Normal Behaviors

You’ll notice a difference in behavior because as soon as the snake is about ready to shed their eyes will start turning color, generally a milky gray color.  Over the course of a few days you will notice that their eyes will start to dull and develop like they’re going blind.  This is only because they’re shedding and you do not have to worry about them getting sick.  They will also remain hidden coiled up for long periods of time so you should not be alarmed if this starts to happen with your snake.

You want to make sure that you clean the habitat and remove all uneaten food team need healthy.  Clean up the water dish and a place the water every day so that you know that your snake has fresh water.

Health Concerns

There are certain signs that you have to worry about if you think your snake a starting to get ill.  You’ll start noticing blisters or rapid shedding areas on their skin when they are getting sick.  Some other cause of this is that you need to clean the habitat and lower the humidity in your habitat for them.  You also might start seeing parasites on the skin that can transmit diseases.  You wanna consult your exotic animal veterinarian as soon as possible of these things start occurring on a more regular basis because it can be a problem with your habitat or with the snake that you have.  Either way you’re going to want to visit an exotic animal veterinarian to find out if your snake is going to be healthy and happy.

Here is some of the information about a Colombian red-tailed boa that you need to know. Before you decide to get a snake of an exotic species always do the research to find out all the information you can before you commit. There are things that you need to do before you get the snake in your home so just get the information first.

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