Chinese Water Dragon

The Chinese water dragon can be found in different tropical rainforests usually close to some source of water.  They are arboreal need lots of space to move around.  They are capable of changing their color from green to brown depending on their temperature.  This makes that a very popular choice for a reptile as a pet as they’re very interesting to watch and interact with.  The average size of a Chinese water dragon is around 2 to 3 feet and they can live up to 15 years if they’re cared for properly.


Make sure that you take the proper care to wash your hands completely and thoughly before and after handling your Chinese water dragon. You also need to do this after you have touched anything in their habitat as you do not want to risk spreading any infectious diseases in your home. If you are pregnant or have young children or have issues with your immune system you need to speak with a heal care provider before getting a reptile such as a chinese water dragon. They will best be able to tell you all of the implacations of having this type of pet in your home.




In order to make sure that your reptile is having a well balanced diet you need to feed them are variety of insects including wax worms and earthworms and even small frozen mice.  Around 10% of their diet should include greens like radish and tail and fruits like Grapes and apples. Feeding them a well balanced diet is going to help them to stay at optimal health.


You should make sure that you’re feeding juvenile Chinese water dragons every day and you should be feeding adult every 2 to 3 days and make sure that you remove any uneaten food to prevent it from rotten and  making your reptile sick.  You should make sure that you’re using a calcium supplement everyday and a multi vitamin supplements one to twice a week to make sure you’re keeping your reptile at optimal health.




Because of the varied sizes and growth rates of this specific reptile you need to tailor your habitat to their particular needs.  It is highly recommended that you consult a qualified veterinarian that deals with reptiles as well as a book on this particular species to determine how best to house your Chinese water dragon.  A habitat that you choose should be an appropriate size to be able to accommodate for their normal behavior and exercise patterns.  You should provide multiple hiding area as in addition to branches for basking and you should be able to maintain a myth humidity of between 60 to 80%.


The substrate that you use should be some type of mulch as if these lizards may eat some of their substrate.  If this happens to you you’ll need to switch to something like cage carpet or inedible substrate so you do not risk your wizard getting ill.  You should use gradient temperature with it being that 100° F at the warmer and of the habitat and 70° F for the cooler and of the habitat and it is highly recommended that you use a ceramic either as a primary heat source.


You’ll need to provide your Chinese water dragon with UVB rays that have a full spectrum of fluorescent light for the least 10 hours a day.  Using an incandescent light bulb is required for a basking area and if not you should use a ceramic heater to make sure that your Chinese water dragon can be kept at the appropriate temperature. You do not want them to get too cold or overly warm so that is stays in good health.


You should make sure that your housing male Chinese water dragons separately and do not ever house different species of reptiles together in the same habitat.


Younger watered dragons can become very used a human interaction and become quite docile and used to being handled however as adults some may become irritable and may strike out and bite you.  They can often be easily frightened so avoid loud noises an quick movements around the.


Maintaining the Habitat


You should make sure that you’re changing water in your Chinese water dragons habitat at least one time per week.  You should make sure that you secure your wizard in a secure habitat so they cannot escape and scrub  the tank thoroughly with a 3% bleach solution.  You need to make sure that you get rid of all traces of bleach smell and make sure that the habitat is completely dry and that you have added clean substrate before you replace your Chinese water dragon back in their habitat. That way you know that you Chinese water dragon will be safe in their habitat.




Chinese water dragons regularly shed their skin so you need to ensure that the habitat has the proper amount of humidity to facilitate proper shedding.  You could also bathed in a large container that allows the lizard to fully immersed their entire body inside the container.  Always make sure your washing your hands before and after pressing your water dragon or anything in their habitat to prevent any other kind of infectious diseases from happening.



Signs of a Healthy Lizard

You should be on the look out for the following if you want to determine as to whether or not your Chinese water dragon is healthy.  The water dragon should have a clear nose and vent and have a regular feeding schedule.  They should also be active an alert and have healthy skin.


Signs of an unhealthy lizard

If you’re looking for signs that your Chinese water dragon is unhealthy here are some things to keep into consideration.  They can experience weight loss and can become lethargic and refuse to eat.  They can also suffer from respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders so be sure if you think your Chinese water dragon acting normally or appears to be ill that you get them to a veterinarian right away.

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