Buying a Turtle

Turtles make great pets for people of all ages.  Not only are they simply fascinating to watch they also live a very long life so you’ll have a pet you can live with all your life as long as you take care of it properly.  If you’re wanting to get a turtle as a pet contrary to which might believe they actually require a good deal of care.  The following are some tips that you should keep in mind when you want to know how to properly purchase a turtle.

You’ll be able to purchase a turtle just about anywhere.  Animal shelters will also sometimes have abandoned turtles as well although they’ve likely been disease and requiring the help of a reptile veterinarian.  The most recommended place that you can purchase a turtle is at a pet store because they’re more likely to House and Care for their turtles in a clean and sanitary environment.  However at the same time you want to make sure that the turtles aren’t being held in overcrowded conditions.

Also it is extremely important that the sales people at the pet store or the breeder that you’re dealing with is knowledgeable about turtles able to help you have any questions that you might have before purchasing your new pet that bringing it home.  For example you should ask if the turtle is semi aquatic, aquatic or a turtle and then decide which one is best for you.  Once you settle on the species that you are wanting you’ll need to ask what kind of food that that particular turtle eats.  Be sure to get the exact name of the breed of turtle that you’re purchasing so you can look up more information about proper feeding in care in place but the Internet and in books.

When you’re selecting your turtle make sure that they have bright clear eyes that aren’t cloudy looking as clear eyes are a sign of a healthy turtle.  Make sure that the shell is nice and hard too and is not cracked or discolored as these are signs of the turtle being ill.  They should be wiggling around trying to get away when you pick them up if they’re healthy.  It is highly recommended that you purchase a younger turtle over an adult turtle as they are more adaptable to change.

Before you have actually purchase your turtle you need to make sure that you have something for it to live in when you bring it home.  You’ll want to set up the proper habitat for your turtle to live in so keep in mind if it is aquatic, semi aquatic or land turtle.  Keep in mind that some turtles are going to require a larger habitat than others and some turtles will require a more complex habitats then others will.  It is highly recommended that you do as much research as possible about the kind of habitat that your turtle as an so that you can be created as best as possible that habitat for them in your home.

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