Box Turtle Care

When it comes to box turtles they range between fully aquatic creatures and territorial turtles that have a need to have their body in water but also have a need for moist and humid so real.  The box turtle will forage for food on land and spend the time that they sleep in the earth in burrows that they have dug or underneath logs are under rocks.  The following is some information that you need to know for proper care of your box turtle.

You need to make sure that your box turtles in a habitat that provides a proper range of keating and humidity.  You’ll find that aquariums are not really appropriate housing for an adult size box turtle and that babies can be a kept in aquariums but when they grow larger you need to find a larger habitat for them.  You want to make sure you create a lay and the area of about 2 to 3 inches of good quality potting soil that has been slightly moistened.  You want to make sure that you don’t use soil right from your garden order it from your backyard you want to use potting soil directly from the store.  Make sure you keep away from course substrates as they will tend to scratch their shell which can open them up two different kinds of infection.

Water should be provided that is able to come up to the nose of eternal it doesn’t have to be able to swim just to soak in it.  This water should be kept clean and all times as box turtles will not only so can this water but relieve themselves in it as well.

Full spectrum lighting should be made available for all indoor enclosures as you want your box turtl to be able to metabolize vitamin D.  The full spectrum lighting is also a very important part of the boxed turtle being able to process calcium.  If you have a box turtle that has a calcium deficiency it can also end up being fatal.  This is why you definitely have to make sure that you provide the proper amount of lighting for your turtle everyday.

Night time temperature in your habitat for your box turtle should never go below 70° F and daytime temperatures can go up to 88° F.  If your turtle is not provided with the correct amount of humidity it can suffer from swollen eyes and the ear infections.  It is quite simple to provide humidity aide for your enclosure you just need to do something right foot down a little bit of peat moss and wet it with water.

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