Bearded Dragon Tips

If you’re looking to purchase of bearded dragon as a pet but are looking for some more information this article can be very helpful.  You will find that these lizards make incredibly interesting pets a specialist you have smaller children at home.  They have very friendly nature and are relatively low maintenance so they are quickly becoming one of the most preferred exotic pets that you could come across.  You will find that they will display their emotions with hand waving or even bobbing of their heads and you should be made aware that males of this species will likely show aggression toward other male reptiles.  It is best if you’re buying more than one male reptile that you keep them in separate tanks and never house more than one kind of reptile in the same tank.

When it comes to figuring out what kind of habitat that you’re bearded dragon will needs they will likely require something from the range of 50 to 70 gallons.  If you start off with a bigger tank you’ll be saving yourself some money as you will not have to upgrade as they grow you just need to make sure that you provide enough space for basking and for hiding it.  If you are taking the chance of raising baby bearded dragons you want to start off with a small tank to make sure they feel secure and that they have an easy time hunting for food. Just remember that the less space insects like crickets have to run the better hunters your bearded dragon will become.

That bearded dragons are cold-blooded you’ll need to keep the temperature of their habitat to around 85° F in the day and nothing below 65° F at night.  They even have their own basking temperature stand at between 100° F and 115° F as that helps with their digestion process.  Keep in mind that if you have a baby bearded dragon you’ll need to keep their basking temperature up a little higher to aid in their digestion

Compared to other types of reptiles of bearded dragon is incredibly affordable in fact you can get a baby bearded dragon for around $50.00.  When you compare that to other types of reptiles it is very affordable.  Addition to purchasing your bearded dragon at their habitat you’ll need to buy things like a basking rock and a sleeping rock and make sure you have provided for some type of privacy for them when they want to hide.

It’s you have taken all of this into consideration and have learn all you can about the very interesting bearded dragon you’ll be much better equipped to be able to give them the best life possible because you’ll be an educated owner. Being a educated owner is the best thing that you can do for your bearded dragon as you’ll be able to provide them with the best life possible as you have taken the time to do the research to find out the best things that you can do for your bearded dragon.

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