Baby Bearded Dragons

When it comes to baby bearded dragons it is a whole different procedure taking care of them than dealing with a juvenile or adult size bearded dragon.  The baby’s require much more attention mostly because the need to eat more often making them require more maintenance than having an older bearded dragon.

If you do not have a lot of experience with bearded dragons is highly suggested that you do not start with a baby bearded dragon.  This is because there are many things that can go wrong that can lead to the premature death of this lizard.  However if you would like to take the chance to think you’re well enough equipped to care for a baby bearded dragon here are some things need to keep into consideration to make raising them a bit more successful.

You should never plays a baby bearded dragon in a habitat that is intended for an adult bearded dragon.  You should stick with a small  aquarium no more than 15 gallons if you go with anything larger than they’re gonna have a hard time hunting for food.  The less the area that prey like crickets have to move around in the tank the better the chance your baby bearded dragon will have to be able to catch them.

When you’re looking for ways to keep the habitat make sure that you placed one 60 watt light bulb over a minimal basking rock.  Make sure that you know the difference between a basking rock and a heating rock as heating rocks have been known to cause burns with baby bearded dragons.

It is well known that the ideal heating temperature for a bearded dragon is a around 105° F as this helps to aid in digestion.  With baby is the temperature needs to be a little higher at 115° F in order to help them properly digest their food

If you’re not able to consistently provide them with calcium and a multi vitamin you need to make sure to hang a UVB light in their habitat.  You just need to make sure that you do not use is at the primaries heating source with your baby bearded dragons as you should use a ceramic heater in order to keep their habitat.

When it comes to substrates the best kind for baby bearded dragons are old newspapers as they’re very easy to clean up and the risk of them eating it is that a minimum.  If you do not want to use newspaper as think it looks bad you can use place and instead just be sure to sift it to get rid of any large particles.

These are just a few of the things you need to keep into consideration when you are looking to take care of baby bearded dragons.  It is highly recommended that you read all the toucan about the care and upbringing of these creatures as they are very delicate in this stage of their life.  The more that you know about them the more you’re going to be able to better care for them so you can raise a happy and healthy bearded dragon.

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