American Alligator

The American alligator has become more popular as a pet but in order to make sure that this reptile is going to be completely happy you need to know a lot of information.  When you are considering an American alligator for your next reptile you need to consider that you have enough space as well as more food to make sure that they’re properly fed.  Here’s a little bit more information about the American alligator if you’re considering them for your next adventure when dealing with a pet.


Another thing that you can do when you’re thing of ways to feed your alligator is to make sure that you get enough water based animals to put in your pond.  You want to make sure that they have plenty of crayfish and other fish such as gold fish, barbs, minnows and Tetras because this will make sure that they have an adequate ecosystem underneath the water as well as an area to play on top of the ground.  This will also give them food because goldfish can get quite large and you have to make sure that they maintain their weight because they do eat a lot.  For on top of the land where there’s no water for a baby alligator is best to start off with small crickets and grow from there.  Getting your alligator as an infant might be the best thing for you because they will be able to grow to the size of your habitat that you have.  Just remember that you are going to need adequate space in order for your alligator growth to a full size.

When it comes to the American alligator you have to consider what they eat.  Feeding them is not really going to be a problem because they eat just about anything.  Finding the right kind of neat or anything else that they might need would be considering just going down the road and picking up the dead animals lying along the road.  This is where you’ll be able to get all of the meals that you ever need to feed your alligator.  I guess this is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your pet is going to having a food all times of the year.

Being that you’re alligators only six months old the best thing to do a set-up of feeding time that they understand and getting your routine.  Since you’re alligator is only so young yet and still learning you need to develop a feeding habit that you’re alligator will eventually learn but you also do not want to over feed them.  Start off withe 10 good size crickets every 10 days and make sure that there are feeder fish available to them at all times a day in the pond.  This is where gold fish come into play because they can get quite large depending on their environment and are fairly inexpensive to purchase.  You want to make sure that they have plenty of food available to them and give them a special treat every known then to keep them growing.


When it comes to your enclosure that you’re going to a house your American alligator you need to make sure that is going to be completely solid.  You need a space of home-court and water where they can go to relax.  most of the time you need to make sure that the area water is at least 3 to 4 times longer than your alligator and 2 to 3 times a wider than your pet.  This will give them enough space in the water to roll around and do whatever they need to do.  The best thing to use the start out with the at least a 55 gallon tank for water but you have to remember that they have to be able to swim to get enough exercise.

When it comes to decorating your area you might as well not even bother because all your alligator is going to do is knock things over.  If you decide to put anything in their pen you want to make sure that it is nontoxic because if they get very irritable they might go after it and eat it.

When it comes to maintenance of the pen it is very difficult to gauge exactly how many days you can go without cleaning the habitat.  Just remember that the amount of land that you have surrounding a pond is going to have be cleaned just as well as the pond itself.  Take ample time to make sure that you’re doing everything right the first time because you do not want to get bitten or cause your alligator any more stress with you being in the pen.  You have to be able to maintain a proper clean environment for your alligator to live a long and healthy life.

No matter what type of habitat that you have for your alligator you want to make sure that the water is filtered to get proper circulation so they feel like the water is not stagnant.  There’s nothing worse than having your feeder fish die and the water of your pond to start stinking.  You need to make sure there’s a proper filtration system in your pond to make sure that the ecosystem is going to be friendly to your alligator and so that it can also help to the cleaning process to make sure that your habitat is completely clean and safe for your alligator.

When you think about making a habitat for your alligator you need to consider the area that you need to start growing goldfish.  Buying purchasing a lot of goldfish from the start when you know you’re going to be getting an alligator will give you the upper hand to make sure that there’s food can readily available for your alligator to eat.  There are many times when you have to purchase bigger fish because you’re goldfish has not grown to the specific size that you need in order to give your alligator a meal.  You’ll be going through quite a few goldfish if you’re not prepared so the next time you’re thing about getting an alligator if you want to make sure you plan ahead for the future and get your supplies ready a head of time.

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