Amazon Tree Boa

Snakes are becoming more popular as pets because people like viewing them and trying to understand what they can do in their own habitat.  Even the sphinx can be very have this and some may be poisonous the Amazon tree bowl is one of the most colorful snakes that you will find and that u’ll have for an exotic pet.  You need to understand everything they you can and have all of the information about any exotic snake to make sure that you’re going to give it the proper care that needs.  A book can be purchased that will give you all of the information that you need on the Amazon trees bowl they need to know about.  Here’s all the information that you need to give proper care where is always best to get an all the information that you can that you can find on the Internet or through an exotic pet shop to know that all the facts are right so that you do not harm your snake.


The average length of this snake is normally around 4 to 6 feet long.  The one thing that many people fail to realize is that the snake is very slender and quick and is like no other species of their.  It does have a temperament that can be very mean at times but every once and while you get one that is mellow.  It all depends on the attitude of the snake so you still want to be prepared for the worse so that way you do not get bitten.


The habitat


The one thing that you want to remember about the habitat that you need to build for this type of snake is that it has to be able to hold heat and humidity well.  And average tank will be about 36 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches and this will be the perfect size for any adult Amazon tree bowl.  When you are constructing this habitat you want to make sure that there are plenty of trees and other things that they can perch on or climb up on so you might want to think about building a bigger tank or habitat so they can climb.


You need a container or habitat that can maintain at least a 80% humidity rate throughout the whole habitat during the night.  You want the humidity around 65% so that everything can dry out during the day. This will ensure that your snake is going to be able to shed its skin properly without any complications.  You also have to consider where this snake is from in order to consider how much humidity you have to have in the habitat at all times.


You also have to make sure that you have a constant supply of water for your snake.  You also want to make sure that you have plenty of spaces for your snake to hide because they like to get out of sight every once and while.  You want to try to keep everything in the habitat as natural as possible so setting up a whole bunch branches would be perfect.  If you’re looking for the best substrate to use you want and tried to use cypress mulch.  This is been found to be one of the best substrate see you can use for this type of snake that is not going to hurt the skin of your snake.

The diet

When you’re feeding your snake you need to know exactly what they’re going to like in order to make them get the right nutrients in order to go strong.  Most snakes have no problems dealing with frozen rats and mice that you do have to remember that you have to bring them up to room temperature before you feed them.  Having a well stocked supplier of rodents to feed your snake is one of the best things you can do if you’re looking to save a little bit of money.  You also need to know that every 10 days you need to feed your snake to make sure that they’re getting the complete diet that they need.

Habitat cleanliness

When it comes to cleaning the habitat you want to make sure that you use at least a 3% bleach solution to remove all the feces and other debris from the aquarium.  Once you have everything remove from the habitat it is always best as brave as a of outside to make sure that there are no more bleach smells coming from the habitat itself.  You can get your snake very sick by not thoroughly cleaning your aquarium thoroughly.  If you even get a small hint of the bleach solution you want to completely rents out into you can smell it no more and if you still think you can smell it have another person checked out everything they you have put in the tank to see if there’s any bleach smells radiating off your decorations for your habitat.

Another thing that many people fail to realize is a substrate in the bottom of the habitat.  This habitat substrate can be taken out and dumped because you can purchase a big of mulch and any garden center for around $10.00.  This would give you plenty of substrate to use on multiple cage cleaning so you do not have to ever reuse the substrate that you’re taking under the tank.

Handling and care

When you are thinking that your snake bite be sick you always want to look at the eyes.  The eyes are one of the best things that you can pay close attention to when you’re trying to determine if your snake is going to be healthy.  If they are not shedding their skin the snake size should be clear.  Another thing that you to pay attention to is the overall activity and alertness of your snake.  The stakes are very alert and have a very big appetite so if they stop eating or start slowing down in whenever they are eating that it might be time to take a look at their eyes or bring them to the vet.

Handling the snakes and not recommended because they have a tendency of having an aggressive behavior.  If you do decide to handle the snake to make sure that you have latex gloves next to the habitat so that way you do not spread infectious diseases.  Never let anybody else handle your snake for any reason.  If you’re trying to train your snake so that your than one that can hold them or do anything with them this would hinder the bond that you’re trying to develop with your snake.

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