Acceptible Reptile Food

Exotic reptiles eat a wide variety of things including plants and insects and other row small rodents such as mice but when it comes to making sure what your exotic reptile is going to need when it comes to insects there are many things out there that it can eat.  When you are looking for acceptable and food sources for your exotic reptile you need to consider all of your options because you need a insect that is going to be able to meet all of the nutritional value that your lizard needs as well as being cost effective so that you do not have to import insects for your food.  This is one thing that you have to pay close attention to when you’re trying to feed your reptile to make sure that they’re getting proper nutrients but here are some acceptable sources of insects food that you can feed your reptile that will not hurt them.


Hissing cockroaches is an acceptable source of nutrients that you can feed to most lizards.  The one thing that you remember they you have to do to make sure that these cockroaches have a full stomach before you feed them so that your lizard has all the nutrients and minerals that they need in order to be happy and healthy.  If you want your lizard or any other exotic pet that eats insects to make sure that they’re getting a full stomach and all the nutrients that they need is you need to make sure that the stomach is full on their food before you feed it from.  Also you need to make sure that they have a supplement of calcium because this is one thing that you cannot miss out on to make sure that your lizard is going to be completely happy and healthy.

Another thing that isn’t acceptable when it comes to insects that you can feed to your exotic pet is fruit flies.  These are very easy to get because you can get them in a local pet store that sells exotic pets.  The exotic pet stores carry these insects because they know that they are affordable and most exotic pets eat a lot when it comes to this type of insect because they’re very nutritional and are easy get.  The one thing that you have to know is to make sure that you get the right type of exotic fruit insect for your lizard otherwise they will develop an attitude and will not need them.

Another type of insect that you can get feet to your exotic pet is crickets.  The crickets are very affordable because you’ll be able to get a cricket farm to raise your own crickets reading your own home.  Just be careful that they do not get out because you’ll have crickets is all over your home and it will be very hard for you to get them back in the cage.  Just remember to keep feeding your crickets as normal and they will be fat and juicy when you feed into your exotic pet.  This may be one of the cheapest forms of food that you can get for your exotic pet that will save you money and give your pet the healthy life that it deserves.

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